The last time I did spin was probably about three years ago. It was an RPM class at my local gym; the studio had dim lighting and loud music, but unfortunately no big screens transporting me somewhere around the world. All the room had was four walls, bikes and an instructor at the front shouting motivation. I had nothing else to focus on except how close I was to cardiac arrest. Then my whole body (espesh my nether region) would be sore for the next three days. It’d be fair to say I didn’t really enjoy spin.

Fast forward to this week and I was stepping into Sydney’s Scenic Cycle studio with the WF gang. Here’s every thought I had from that moment to when I finished the class.

Team WF before the class. (L-R: Editor, Samera; digi editor, Jacqui; features writer, Jaymie; sub-editor, Kat)

  1. Oooh these are fancy new bikes. And this studio is like a nightclub with all its dark lighting.
  2. Okay there are two huge screens covering one whole wall so I’m guessing this is where the ‘scenic’ part comes in. I wonder where we’ll go? NZ? Canada? Finland?
  3. Phew, they put us at the back of the class. No one will see me failing miserably.
  4. Why are there dumbbells on the back of my bike? Dear god I hope they’re not for me.
  5. Now there’s a countdown on the screens. Four minutes till it’s go time. I’m not ready for this.
  6. People are peddling already. Show offs.
  7. Uh oh, we’re starting. I’M SCARED.
  8. Great tunes. I’m gonna try to cycle with the beat.
  9. Wow, we’re in Norway right now! Prettyyyyy.
  10. The clock says we’re only three minutes into the class. I’m calling bluff.
  11. I’m liking our instructor Tom’s energy. It’s infectious. Also, how does he have the ability to speak right now because I am dying over here.
  12. When is this song over? I need a break.
  13. I’m legit in a nightclub right now. I feel like dancing. Actually I’mma dance and cycle at the same time. How’s that for multitasking?!
  14. Hellooo, Manly. You look so pretty at sunrise.
  15. These screens and the music is kinda distracting me a little bit from how painful this is.
  16. Oh sh*t, here come the hills.
  17. But I don’t wanna up my resistance. IT BURNS.
  18. Now we’re standing up for four counts, squatting down for four counts. I like this, this is cool!
  19. I don’t like it now. Owww.
  20. Oh gahd, sprints. How is Tom moving his legs so freaking fast?!
  21. Whaaaat, there’s 20 minutes to me go – that actually went quickly.
  22. I’m so sweaty right now. Like, dripping.
  23. Why did I wash my hair last night?
  24. Crap, he wants us to pick up our dumbbells. At least they’re only 1kg each.
  25. It’s kinda cool we’re doing upper body stuff right now. I did not expect this.
  26. 30 reps of dumbbell presses? Jesus.
  27. Why does he keep going to 30 reps of EVERY dumbbell movement? IT HURTS SO MUCH.
  28. These dumbbells cannot be 1kg each. They feel like 10.
  29. Can we go back to cycling now? (I’m gonna regret that statement.)
  30. Okay we’re back. Yaaasss it’s ‘Dirrty’ by Christina! This is my jam.
  31. Not long to go now. I’m getting in the zone.
  32. Nine minutes left. I wonder if we’ll have like, five minutes of stretching. So that would mean there’s only four minutes left. *wishful thinking*
  33. Nope, no chance of that anymore.
  34. Tom’s saying this is our last song. Surely this would be the cool-down ride.
  35. Omg why have the lights turned red? Why is the screen saying ‘red zone’? Someone save me pls!
  36. Sh*t this music is intense. But it’s kinda working for me, not gonna lie.
  37. Sprint to the end! Almost there!
  38. Omg we’re done. I’m dead. RIP. Someone please pick me off the floor.
  39. So I can’t move now, but that was fun!

Team WF after the class = DEAD

By WF digital editor, Jacqui King.

If you’d like to try a class for yourself, head to Scenic Cycle.

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