WF gets the lowdown on beating injuries and maintaining momentum from Australia’s women’s soccer team.

They’ve taken on the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and the international soccer circuit, so it’s safe to say that the Matildas are one fit-as-heck sporting squad. As well as possessing some serious will power, these ladies also need stellar time management skills and perseverance – three things us regular folk need help refining. Lucky for you, we asked Matildas and Nike athletes Ellie Carpenter, Caitlin Foord and Kyah Simon for their top tips on overcoming fitness curve balls. Check them out below.

Roll with it
If you’ve ever broken a leg, twisted an ankle or fractured your wrist, you’ll know that injuries can derail your fitness dreams quicker than a free box of doughnuts. But, according to Ellie, it’s all part of the journey. “You just have to be resilient. In sport, and life, you go through some lows, and if you do experience an injury, you have to complete your rehab properly so you can get back out there.”

Line ’em up
It’s great to have goals, but when you lose the will to chase them, you run into trouble. If you find yourself slacking off on your dreams of finally banging out a pull-up, make like Kyah and put pen to paper. “I stay motivated by writing down the goals I want to achieve. It helps to know what work I have to put in and it reminds me that if I don’t do the proper training, I won’t reap the benefits.”

L-R: Ellie Carpenter, Nike Trainer Steph B, Kyah Simon, Caitlin Foord

Stick together
Whether it’s conquering your first marathon or making it to the netball finals, one thing’s certain: You can’t do it all on your own. “I’ve won some individual awards, but working with a team can keep you accountable,” tips Caitlin. “Having a communal goal can really drive you to achieve,” she adds, so don’t be afraid to lean on your gym buddy or post-work footy team for support.

Go pro
Fancy yourself an up-and-coming soccer star or just want to up your coordination skills? Download the Nike+ Training app, pronto, and give the ‘Brilliant Speed’ workout a try for 15 minutes of heart-pumping drills.

Words by Jaymie Hooper