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To be completely honest, I have never been one to believe in the whole New Year’s Resolution spiel. I mean, two months into the New Year and you are locked into a gym membership you used for a month or tried a failed fad diet with a bin full of good food that went out of date. But this year is different, right?

If you are someone like me who is quite irrational and gets overwhelmed by time, then it’s best to make day-to-day goals for yourself instead. You may think that small changes are pointless but if you take a look back over what you’ve accomplished or what has changed over the duration of 2016, you would be amazed.

Last year was a massive and challenging one for me; I completely stepped out of my comfort zone multiple times. It wasn’t until after I reflected on what I had achieved that I realised I hadn’t been getting the most out of life (which will be discussed in my next blog!).

One thing I really want to do (as featured in the Jan issue) is start running. I don’t particularly want to run long distances as yet, but I’d love to get the technique right and see for myself the physical and mental benefits it has on the body and mind. If I decide I love it then I may really challenge myself and enter a short marathon.

How will I do this? Initially I will start small. One of my friends used the ‘Couch to 5km’ app (which is free might I add) for some guidance.

Another day-to-day goal I want to set for myself is taking the time to cook an amazing meal with fresh produce and by completely following a recipe instead of cutting corners. I’ve never been big on cooking but have always appreciated good food (which doesn’t make sense if I cannot cook it for myself!).

To me, fitness goals and personal goals have a strong correlation – the more you exercise and release good endorphins, the more confidence you have, the more positive you are and the more motivation you have to achieve anything you want. Don’t let anything get in the way of achieving what you want in 2017. Dream big but start small.

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