Samera Kamaleddine, Editor

Your fitness poison? Running, with a side of Pilates. I’m addicted to the challenges running keeps offering up, but I can’t resist a good attack on my core. Six-pack, I’m a-comin’ (er, one day).

Biggest #firstworldproblem? Shopping for pants when you’re five foot tall.

What’s your idea of a happy meal? I could say a concoction of glorious superfoods… but I’m going to say pizza. It’s the stuff happiness is made of.

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Jaymie Hooper, Beauty and Features Writer

What’s your fitness poison and why? I’m obsessed with reformer Pilates because it lets me pretend I’m Karlie Kloss for an hour. I don’t mind skiing, either, since for some reason I’m more coordinated on ice than I am on land!

What’s your biggest #firstworldproblem? My Spotify lagging is not a first world problem. It is a social injustice of the highest order and deserves attention.

What’s your idea of a happy meal? Give me a burger, some fries and a salted caramel milkshake and I will be your slave for life. #drool

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Jacqui King, Digital Editor

Your fitness poison? Hikes in ridiculously pretty places. If it’s out in the fresh air, I’m there!

Biggest #firstworldproblem? When the avos aren’t ripe at Woolies.

What’s your idea of a happy meal? A cheese and bacon burger with loads of fries.

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Jess Pecoraro, Fashion Editor

Your fitness poison? After doing a 30-day yoga challenge I’m now obsessed. I just love seeing how my body can do things I never thought it could.

Biggest #firstworldproblem? When a cafe runs out of my favourite thing on the menu.

What’s your idea of a happy meal? Fresh sourdough bread with avocado, or Nutella with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

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