Sjana Elise Earp is one of the biggest names in yoga – and she’s had a big year, teaming up with fit forces Kayla Itsines and Kelsey Wells on the SWEAT fitness app.

What’s your favourite way to sweat?
Personally, I love yoga, but I enjoy moving my body in any way that it can. I think that’s why we are made to be able to move the way that we do. I do yoga pretty much every day, but it may not be for a full hour or an hour and a half session. It may be five or 10 minutes and then I might go for a run or go surfing or for a bike ride. Normally something outdoors.

Do you do each other’s workouts from the app?
I love that the app allows us to utilise that flexibility so you don’t just have to do BBG or Stronger or the yoga or post-natal. You can mix and match things. And even within the same workout, you can do half of one and then do the warm down in the other one. No matter what you’re feeling, there’s something there for you.

What are your top yoga tweaks to improve practice?
Whether you’ve been doing it for a while or you’re completely new to it, I’d say something really important to your own practice is to understand you’re doing it for you, and all the benefits that you feel and see will be because of the commitment that you’ve made. If you’re doing it in a yoga class rather than on an app, if you’re not by yourself, it’s important to realise that the program is yours and it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or what you look like in a posture or what anyone else is thinking. It’s about the way it makes you feel.
Listen to your body. If something hurts, it’s knowing when to stop and nurturing the fact that you are feeling like that today. Or, maybe it’s an ongoing thing and knowing when to stop and push yourself. There’s a big difference between surrender and challenge.
A lot of people go through mental plateaus, it’s a common thing, it’s the way our bodies work. You lose determination for whatever reason and it affects your physical practice, and I would say to do what you can. Doing something is better than doing nothing. In saying that, still respect that you feel like that for a reason. If you are having a really bad day and you don’t want to get out of bed, don’t feel like you absolutely have to. If you feel like to maintain your health and wellness that it would be better to stay in bed, then do so.

Any tips for scoring flexibility with your workout schedule?
That’s the perfect thing about the app: they’re 28-minute workouts and they can be done practically anywhere, especially yoga. You don’t even need a yoga mat – so long as you’ve got at least two metres, you’ve got a practice, which I think is awesome. SWEAT understands that women have different and unpredictable schedules. If it’s something you want to do, it’s not something you have to do – you should want to do it. Personally, I get on my mat and I’m like, oh my god, I made it, I’m finally here. This is the time that I get for just me.

What’s the coolest place you’ve done yoga?
On the bottom of the ocean with stingrays. I was in the Bahamas and we found stingrays and we went swimming with them. It was like stop, drop, sink and yoga! And I guess under the Eiffel Tower and on top of the Empire State Building.

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