According to researchers, working out with your BFF is an awesome way to stay accountable and work harder – not to mention it’s seriously #friendshipgoals. We chatted to the queen of all things fit pal power, personal trainer Rikki Lee Petrie of @rikkileefit – who says “there’s no better way to smash your fitness goals than with a girlfriend (or multiple girlfriends!). You’re not exactly going to leave her high ‘n’ dry pounding the pavement before sunrise by herself, now are you?”


We get it, waking up for that 5.45am gym session is hard – way harder than waking up for pancakes or dog pats. “But, if you have a date with your BFF, there’s no snoozing that alarm. You can’t leave ‘em hanging – or risk a series of sassy texts storming your inbox,” Rikki laughs, “no one wants to be the girl that didn’t turn up.” Basically, your inner couch potato will have to wait until later. “Plus, having a fit-pal will keep you more motivated to hit your goals. Your bestie will be your constant support, and you’ll constantly be there to keep each other accountable,” she says.


Do you ever wonder who takes those perfectly lit gym selfies of the pretty gal on your insta feed flexing? Well, that could be you! #sweatyselfie more your thing? Post-workout brekkie? Or a glass of wine? The options are endless after a pal workout, and your Instagram feed will love you for it. After all, if you didn’t document it, did it really happen?

IT’S FUN      

“Look, sometimes getting to the workout isn’t the funnest. It’s really tough. But when your BFF is there the fun options are endless – gossip and high-fives after each rep, breathless gas-bagging as you pound the pavement? That’s the stuff dreams are made of,” says Rikki.


“You will probably be doing a full ab work out just by laughing,” says Rikki, “let alone trying to get through some partner exercises!” But, if you want to challenge yourself together, the options are endless. We recommend Russian twists with a ball and planks with handclaps in between. There are heaps of ways you can shake up your workout with you BFF – get your heads together and brainstorm some crazy ideas, or use insta as your inspo!


“There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to fire things up at the gym,” says Rikki. You will thank your BFF later for that little extra oomph they gave you to push through your final reps (or not to eat that last doughnut). “Friendly challenges are great for fueling your fire, too,” says Rikki, “set yourselves a challenge like who can do the most squats in a minute or run the fastest 100m. These will push you to new personal highs.”