Pub crawls are out, wine marathons are in.

France hosts an annual full 42km wine marathon (called Marathon du Medoc) with 23 pit stops at local vineyards along the way (if you can actually make it to the end). Taking place in Medoc, in the Bordeaux wine region, there are specialty stalls throughout the course that serve steak, oysters and ice cream.

We don’t think it’s really a test for endurance, but more a test of the strength of your stomach. Imagine the oysters, wine and ice cream sloshing around while you’re running on a hot day. Icckkkk.

If you can get your mind off that, there’s also loads of entertainment to help motivate runners. Bands and other acts perform at different stations, and there are also masseuses throughout the last 10km.

It’s popularity has surged over the last few years, with people coming from all around the world to take part in the action. Oh, and did we mention that fancy dress is compulsory?

Sounds like our kind of fitness event.

This year’s marathon is done and dusted (it was on September 10), so that just means you can just training yourself up for next year’s event.

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