Fitting in a workout during a busy day might seem like the next installment of a Mission Impossible film but getting in a good session doesn’t have to take much time at all. This one if for you gals who only have a twenty minute window to get your heart rate pumping. This sesh will only take you fifteen minutes, we’ve left an extra five to catch your breath and do some fierce, Beyonce dance moves to celebrate finishing.

The set up: You’ll need a timer for this one. Perform each exercise with 100% effort for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat for eight 20 second efforts on each move followed by a one minute break before moving onto the next move.

Marching push up

Assume a push up position with hands placed under your shoulders. Make sure to engage your core as you step one knee forward, then the other like you’re marching.

Jumping lunge into squat

Use your arms throughout this move to help stabilise you. Take it slow to begin with and up the pace as you get the hang of it. Make sure your knee gently touches the ground on each lunge rep.

Around the world mountain climb

The name of this move may sound like an exotic, active holiday but unfortunately it is not. Do eight mountain climbers (knees to elbows, ladies!) followed by an around the world. That’s a high plank hold lifting your left hand up and back down, then your right hand, your right leg and then your left leg.

Backwards lunge with driving knee

Lunge back with your right leg and allow your knee to touch the ground gently before pushing off of your foot to drive your knee up in one explosive movement. Do five on your right side followed by five on your left and alternate during your twenty seconds of effort.

Now who said you couldn’t get a good workout done in fifteen minutes?

Not quite sure how the timing works?

Here’s what we mean.

To start, you’ve got 20 seconds of marching push ups (go hard, try to get as many reps out as possible in 20 seconds). Time’s up. Take a 10 second rest.

20 seconds again. 10 second rest. Repeat six more times then take a whole minute to catch your breath.

Now move onto the jumping lunge into squat. You’ve got eight 20 second efforts here too.

Then your around the worlds followed by your driving knee lunges. Good luck!