Meet Cat Meffan, one of London's most inspiration yoga teachers. Meffan shares her secret, healthy hot spots and advice for a more balanced approach to health and fitness.
When ultimate yogi and Instagram sensation Cat Meffan isn’t travelling the globe or nailing a backbend, you’ll find her living it up in London. WF’s digital editor chatted to Meffan who gave us her insider’s tips for her fave London eats, an insight into life as a travel blogger (which we assume is #heaven) and a bit about how she hopes to inspire young women.
You travel a lot but where would we find you on a Saturday morning in London?
It’s not necessarily the newest of restaurants, but I love the Riding House Cafe, just off of Regent Street, as they do the best poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast.
Your favourite London location for a yummy treat?
The ‘healthy’ peanut butter cups from Good Life Eatery are incredible! They don’t come cheap, but are worth every penny.
What kind of workout soothes your soul?
I love to have an aspect of dance in my workouts, which is why I love vinyasa flow yoga so much. Feeling connected to my mind and breath while I move through postures and strengthening my body with lots of inversions is amazing. As well as yoga I love the endorphin rush that I get from sweaty HIIT in the gym and the ‘me time’ that I get from going for a run in the park. Nothing beats being outside!
It’s important to train the body but also to train the mind, how do you stay sane? Do you have any suggestions for how we can stay a little more grounded?
It’s so important and I think it’s still lost on some people. I absolutely love staying active and working out, but I have to dedicate time to calm my mind and remember that there’s more to life than social media. With the word of Instagram it’s so easy to get caught up in the things you see, so the key is to be inspired and motivated by the people you follow, but not to compare yourself to them. You are unique and have so much to offer, so embrace that rather than get down about it. I try to take 10 minutes everyday to meditate, which is much harder than it looks.
In short it’s all about watching the thoughts pass through the mind, rather than dwelling on them and focusing on the breath. I wrote a guide to meditating at home on the blog, which is worth a read – My partner also keeps me grounded. Even though he takes all my photos and is involved with the blog in that sense, he actually isn’t into social media at all, so it’s good to have him by my side.
Tell us a bit about what you hope to achieve through your social media presence, what kind of feedback do you receive to your positivity and inspirational images?
For me it’s all about inspiring and motivating others, as well as getting opportunities to work with some incredible brands. Earlier this year I taught yoga as part of a big Adidas campaign, it was such a surreal experience, so I’d love to do more of that. I’ve written a bit about my past struggles with bulimia and anxiety, so to receive messages from ladies who have gone or are going through similar issues and to know that my words may have helped in the tiniest way in such a great feeling.
In the past few years, what would you say is the most important lesson you’ve learnt?
My little mantra is “you can’t rush something you want to last forever”, which is something that I remind myself daily when it comes to everything from mindset to business to body image.
As well as teaching yoga and running your blog, you create amazing jewellery. How do you manage to mix fitness with design?
Jewellery actually came second to fitness! I started doing gymnastics when I was five and then went on to be a ballerina, so have always had a passion for fitness. The jewellery came later, as my Dad is a goldsmith and I love all pretty things! Having the two side-by-side, even though they are so different, is a great way to escape from one to the other every now and again and to be creative in different ways.
What does the future have in store? Any projects that you can give us a hint to?
Lots of exciting projects I hope! I’ve got some great teaching projects coming up in London and hopefully a few retreats in Europe. I’m also hoping to go further into my yoga teach training and fiiiiiinally get my bum over to Australia next year!
Check out Cat Meffan on Instagram @catmeffan or on her blog Imperfect Matter
Feature image courtesy of Cat Meffan.