WF’s Jaymie Hooper is cleaning up her beauty act.

I’ve got a habit. A bad one. Oh alright, I’ve got a few bad habits but we’re not here to discuss how sometimes I sit in bed, stuff my face with Iced VoVos and send a flurry of coconut through my sheets – or that I prevent bags of peas from escaping the freezer by slamming the door shut and hoping the next person to open it has quicker reflexes than me. No, we’re here to talk about my crimes against beauty.

Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t even know I had bad beauty habits. It all started on a Friday morning when I realised, mid-curl, that it was the fifth day in a row I’d subjected my locks to torture via extreme heat. After that moment of clarity, I felt like a character on Pretty Little Liars once they realise their BFF has been working for A the entire season. Like, how long have I been resting my chin on my hands? No wonder I have pimples. And what’s the deal with those make-up brushes? Was I planning to harvest the bacteria and create my own superbug? Let’s not talk about my mani. Or lack of mani. Okay, picture a mani that’s been chipped and picked within an inch of its pearlescent pink life and that’s what I had.

Since I love to dish out beauty advice more than the lactose-intolerant love talking about almond milk, I was in the depths of an existential crisis after spending the weekend biting my nails and reflecting on all my mistakes – but then I figured, everyone makes mistakes, right? And I’ve definitely learned from mine.

Blasting my tresses with heat-styling tools day after day fries my strands, weakens the cuticle and creates a helluva lot of frizz, so from now on I’m going to braid my not-so-smooth-anymore mane instead of subjecting it to the hair dryer. How will I stop using my hands as a chin rest? I’ve asked my desk buddy to spray me with water whenever she catches me doing it – and I’ve invested in the Ella Baché Creme Intex No.2, $51, to nix the spots that may come as a result of her my failure. For my terribly neglected brushes, I’ll be using the nifty Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette, $34.95, because it requires zero elbow grease on my end. And as for my nails? Friends, your mani won’t get chipped if it’s made of vinyl, so do as I do (or, will) and grab yourself some Jamberry Nail Wraps, $22. They last forevs. But bad habits don’t have to.