Let’s be real, most of us wish we could just crawl under our work desks for a lunchtime catnap. The thought of closing our eyes just for 20 minutes seems like bliss to us!

Well, it seems like this mindfulness studio, The Indigo Project, has answered our napping prayers. Located in Sydney’s Surry Hills, they’ve introduced 30-minute ‘Naptime’ classes that begin with a calming meditation before you’re lulled into a sweet sleep.

Their website says: “They say adulting is getting through the day without a nap. We say adulting is fitting in a nap and feeling fab to get on with life’s responsibilities,” their website reads.

“Research has shown time and time again that a short sleep break can improve mood, alertness, concentration, and overall productivity – so why the heck not? Our nap-time class is perfect for a little mid-work escape and reboot. Chill out in a comfy space, get relaxed with a calming meditation then nap off that stress (or hangover).” So much yes.

Classes run mostly during the middle of the day and go for $12 per sesh. SIGN US UP.

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