If you think about the resistance exercises you do, chances are you can probably count on one hand how many of them are done on one leg. A majority of the moves we do use both legs at the same time, which is awesome for strength and power but doesn’t necessarily expose our weaknesses.

Balancing on one leg isn’t easy (just think of how wobbly you feel in tree pose). Add a weight to it and you’ve got a real challenge. If you’re thinking “why would I want to balance on one leg?” the answer is– because a bit of balance goes a long way when it comes to getting stronger and preventing injuries. Unilateral (i.e. using one leg at a time) exercises can help to iron out muscle imbalances. Plus, we’ve all got one arm or leg that is slightly stronger than the other but by training like this we can make sure that one side of our body isn’t extremely dominant, leaving the other side behind.

Long story short, this move can help you towards a more powerful, more stable and more balanced lower half.

What you’ll need:

A 4-10kg med ball

Nailing the move:
  • Start with the med ball above you head. As you bring it down to the floor allow your leg to lift backwards to stabilise you.
  • The closer you keep the ball to your body, the easier it is to balance.
  • Let the ball gently touch the ground before hinging back to a standing position.
  • You might be a bit wobbly at first, start with a light med ball or no weight at all until you feel confident.