This June we are challenging you to work out for a good cause in conjunction with the Heart Foundation’s ‘Make the Invisible, Visible’ campaign.

Your challenge: Get moving for 30 minutes every day this month. Yep, every single day.

It’s really not as difficult as it sounds. Your 30 minutes of movement doesn’t have to be a gym sesh or a formal workout, in fact a bit of incidental exercise will do just fine.

To get you started (and moving that bod) we’ve consulted the pros. National Heart Foundation fitness expert Hannah Porteous and the BUF girls shared their tips for getting your 30 minutes and they’re thinking outside of the box!



Transform your commute
Armed with an awesome playlist – run, cycle, skate or walk to work in the morning.

Coffee-run queen
Putting up your hand to do the morning coffee-run not only adds steps to your day but will also make you popular amongst your colleagues who need their caffeine fix.

Set a timer
It’s important to be moving at regular intervals throughout the day so set a timer on the hour and get moving. This can be as little as a walk to the water fountain or kitchen to grab a drink, it all adds up.

Happy hour HIIT
Skip the after work drinks and head to the park with your colleagues for a social sweat session. Lasting as little as 15 minutes and requiring little to no equipment, HIIT is the perfect way to finish your day.

Step up your dates
Be creative with your dates with friends and partners – going for a hike, kayaking, paddle boarding, hot yoga or even just cycling to a local Saturday market is a great way to have a laugh and get active.

With our powers combined…
As we all know, team work makes the dream work. Get your friends, family and colleagues in on the action and start a group with a weekly challenge measuring number of training sessions or steps. Nothing keeps you accountable like some healthy competition.

How the BUF girls get moving…

Group Jump


Stretching every morning when you wake up. Stretching will gently ease your body into the day by promoting circulation and joint mobility. Not only that, it can be great for stress relief and improving your flexibility and range of motion to keep you bouncing through the day!

Go the extra mile! Park your car a block away from work or walk to the next bus stop instead of the one closest to your house. All movement is good so adding in an extra km is only going to help.


Try my home workout, SuperTone! It’s a follow-along workout you can do from your lounge room, it’s low impact and there are no chilly mornings or gym trips required to get it done!

Set “The Base” – Pick one full-body exercise each week that you will do 50 reps of every single day, at some stage. You might choose squats, push-ups, lunges, or step-ups. If you do nothing else that day, at least you’ve got your “base” move sorted.


Instead of meeting your girlfriends for a sit-down coffee date, take them on an active one instead! Pick up a take-away, and walk with it as you sip and gossip.

We’re raising money for the National Heart Foundation this month and we want to hit $1000 in the next 30 days. Help us get there by donating through our Everyday Hero page.