Master trainer and Gold’s Gym Australia ambassador Jenna Douros loves to challenge her body on the daily. She shared her favourite upper body strength move with us and it’s a good one!

I never let my workouts get tired. I’m always switching things up to keep my body guessing and that means keeping my training routine challenging. To do this, I make sure I am always pushing myself a little bit harder and stepping outside my comfort zone, progressing exercises, trying something new or upping the intensity. This way my body won’t get used to doing the same thing over and over.

A single arm raise using a barbell takes things to the next level for me. Targeting the medial delts in the sides of your shoulder, it serves to add a different reaction to the targeted muscle fibres in that it requires a bit more balance and stabilisation to control the long bar. This exercise requires me to use a weight that is slightly less than I normally would with a dumbbell so start off light.

• If you’re trying this for the first time, start with just a bar, no weight to get the movement right.
• Make sure you grab the barbell in the centre to give you that proper, even balance.
• Keep a slight bend in the elbow.
• Keep your core engaged to limit any body swing and maintain control throughout the movement.

Want to see how Douros uses the single arm raise in a workout? Check out her typical shoulder session here.

Image courtesy of Tina Nikolovski – Fashion Photographer @TinaNikolovski