If your 9 to 5 is leaving you feeling tired, demotivated and stressed, try introducing one or more of these calming rituals to your work day.

Start your day off on the right foot

Getting into the office flustered after a commute, sitting down with one thousand thoughts racing through your mind and diving head first into a meeting is no way to start the day. Introduce a happiness-inducing routine to your morning, even if it means arriving at the office five minutes earlier. Take the time to make a tea, read the news, listen to a favourite song or have a chat with a colleague. Once you make the first few minutes of work relaxing and enjoyable, you’ve got more of a chance the rest of the day will follow in the same way.

Create a more mindful to-do list

Rather than putting together a to-do list that is completely task oriented, include things like ‘take a five-minute walk around the block’, ‘eat lunch away from my desk’, ‘take five minutes to breathe and rejuvenate’. Adding things to the list that are about keeping you focused and giving you time to give your mind a rest can help you look at your day differently. Additionally, write your to-do list in order of how much time each task takes. Put all of the quick tasks up the top with the more time consuming ones further down. That way you can jump between big and simple tasks and you’ll be able to tick off those me-time tasks too.

Make your desk a little bit beautiful

It’s easy to work when your space is relaxing. A sweetly scented candle, a vase filled with flowers, a framed picture and your favourite quote printed out is all you need to make your desk a little more beautiful. Your desk is your space so let it reflect you with the things that make you feel happy.

Eat well and away from screens

Nothing makes concentration harder than hunger caused by skipping meals. Make sure you eat a variety of colourful veg, protein, complex carbohydrates and fruit during every work day. Take lunch and snack breaks too! Eating in front of the computer can leave your brain feeling seriously drained. Head outside or simply sit somewhere away from your work desk to recharge.