What does a healthy kitchen look like? These are the top 12 foods we reckon every clean eater should add to their shopping list…

Fruit & veg Fresh produce is the foundation of clean eating. Go for leafy greens, root veggies and loads of herbs.

Meat Choose good-quality chicken, turkey, beef and lamb for high-protein meals.

Fish Smaller, coldwater fish are better for you as they contain fewer heavy metals and toxins. Tuck in to salmon, trout and herring.

Eggs One of the most nutrient-dense foods and a good source of protein, eggs are incredibly versatile and should be top of your list.

Grains Non-gluten grains like quinoa, millet and rice are inexpensive and useful. Soak for a few hours before cooking to make them easier to digest.

Oils & fats Look for organic and cold-pressed, unrefined oils for clean eats. We love coconut oil for cooking and macadamia and olive oils for drizzling.

Beans & legumes  These are really useful for protein in veggie dishes. Keep some cans of chickpeas and lentils on hand for easy salads when you’re short of time.

Nuts & seeds Packed with healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, they’re best in raw form. Store them in the freezer to keep them fresh.

Herbs & spices Add flavour to food with fresh and dried spices and herbs. We love ginger, chilli, turmeric, rosemary and black pepper. You’ll get a dose of nutrients, too.

Starches Rice, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are great for side plates. Try roasting chunks or ‘chips’ of sweet potatoes as a side for meat or fish.

Salt Avoid refined table salt. Instead, opt for sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, as they boast a high mineral content.

Sweeteners Steer clear of artificial sweeteners and replace them with their natural counterparts like maple syrup, stevia and rice malt syrup.

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