We’ve all been there– you’re midway through a run, gym class or workout and those negative thoughts start creeping in.

Your lungs are burning, your heart feels like it might explode and you seriously can’t believe you have twenty minutes to go.

You’re not alone, even the pros feel this way.

We asked the WF Office and the IsoWhey Sports team about the thoughts that cross their minds during a race, training session or particularly intense spin class. Here’s what they had to say.

NEIL RUSSELL Owner of Atleta Fitness and IsoWhey® Sports Running Coach

“Near the start I tell myself – It’s all good just smile, your second wind is just around the corner, keep it all relaxed, you’re the big easy, the endurance king!” – mind drifts off to a beach setting, life is good, things are easy.”

“Near the end – Fire up Neil, this last effort is what sets you apart…the part that matters…nobody pushes hard like you…let’s do this! I picture things that fire me up, great sporting moments, draw on strong emotions and think of the glory!”


“What episode of Suits am I up to? JOKES. Man, I’m so unfit right now.”

ANDREW PAP IsoWhey® Sports Ambassador, Owner of Battle Fit Australia (@andrew_pap_)

“Every time I hear those negative thoughts to tell me to stop or cut my run short, I think about my goals that I want to achieve… Plus the naughty foods that I’m working to burn off!”

ALICE WF Chief Sub-Editor

“If I’m 20 minutes into a run, I’ve usually just found my stride and that (very small) sweet spot where I think “I could beat Usain Bolt right now” before my legs get exhausted and by the 30-minute mark, I just want a sparkling water and a sit down.”

TANYA POPPETT Trainer and Influencer

“Almost there, think long, deep breathes and long, strong strides. Every step I take I am closer to my goal. I’ve got this!”

PENNY Writer

“It burns! My trainer hates me. Hmm, maybe eggs for breakfast today… Owwwww it burns!”

ALEXA TOWERSEY (@actionalexa)

“When I’m training my clients I use these ones, Come on 15 minutes?! Anyone can do anything for 15 minutes! Or, you think this is painful, wait til childbirth!”

NAT WF Deputy Art Director

“I break it down into smaller blocks of time. “Oh, I have twenty minutes to go, that’s just four more five minute blocks. Easy.””

BONDI ELLE – Top Trainer in Bondi

“Don’t stop! Slow down to catch your breath, but don’t stop!”

JAYMIE WF Beauty and Features Writer

“How am I not better at this already? Do I look like Karlie Kloss yet? I want bacon.”

BEN LUCAS – Co Owner of Flow Athletic

“The harder I work now, the more I can eat when I finish!”