A University of Chicago researcher Nathaniel Kleitman has created a simple test that will determine just how sleep deprived you really are – and all it requires is a spoon and a metal tray.

Lie down in a dark room in the early afternoon and hold the spoon over the edge of the bed and over the tray. Before you nod off, check the time. When you fall asleep, you’ll drop the spoon onto the tray and the clang sound will wake you up.

This will tell you how quickly it took you to fall asleep!


If you fell asleep within five minutes, you’re REALLY sleep deprived. If it hits 10 minutes, you may be struggling with sleep patterns, and anything past the 15-minute mark and your sleep habits are perfect.

After learning which end of the spectrum you fall into, you should adjust your lifestyle to make sure you’re getting the right amount of shut-eye.

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