This workout, put together by founder of Platinum Body Personal Training Renee Platt, is as simple as it gets but don’t be fooled! Sometimes the simplest workouts are the hardest.

“Being a busy Mum to three little people I understand how hard it can be to fit exercise into your daily life. The more women I spoke to I found most believed they didn’t have 45 minutes to spare and also felt intimidated by typical gyms. So I created my signature 20 minute equipment free workouts for the busy women who don’t have time or money for a gym membership,” says Platt.

“I made my workouts simple, so there is no need to count reps and risk forgetting where you are up to. I base my training around time working and time resting. The best formula I’ve found is 40 seconds on, 20 seconds rest,” she says. Forty seconds might not seem like long but we assure you, this workout will have you working up a sweat after the very first round.

“I put together four moves that give you a full body workout and you simply go through the four moves 5 times. At the end of 20 minutes, you’re done,” Platt explains.

So drop what you’re doing (or set aside twenty minutes later on today) and put Platt’s simple sesh to the test.

The workout

Complete each move for 40 seconds, take a 20 second rest then move on to the next move. Do this circuit 5 times through.

Shoulder PU 2Shoulder PU 1

Put your hands under your shoulders, walk your feet in and stick your bottom up in the air. Keep your heels up and tuck your chin in before lowering the top of your head towards the ground. As you lower you should feel your body weight in your shoulders. Push up and lower yourself  back down. Do this for 40 seconds.

In & Out Squat 1 In & Out Squat 2


Keeping a low profile, squat with your legs in under your hips, then bounce into a squat with your legs wider apart, keep repeating this. Feel the burn in your thighs as you change the shape of your legs. Jump in and out keeping your bottom as low as possible. Do this for 40 seconds.

In & Out Plank 2In & Out Plank 1


Start in a plank position with your hands under your shoulders, distributing the weight between your hands and your toes. Squeeze your belly in and bounce your feet out, then back in, keep repeating this. This will get your heart rate up while working your core. Do this for 40 seconds.

Tricep Pulses 1 Tricep Pulses 2


Start on your knees and have your hands under your shoulders. Tucking your elbows into your chest, lower yourself down and pulse back up. You only want to move up and down slightly, keeping the pressure on your triceps. Feel the burn in the back of your arms as you strengthen your triceps. Do this for 40 seconds.

Once you have done this circuit in this order, you go on to repeat it four more times. Very quickly you will have completed a great 20 minute equipment free workout that will leave you feeling energised all day.

After serving in the Australian Regular Army for most of her adult life, Renee Platt founded Platinum Body Personal Training. Her large and small group training is only for females and she aims to motivate and inspire busy women to achieve their goals. Today she trains 100s of women each week helping them to thrive during the most important time of their life– right now.