Training hard isn't all flowers and sunshine.

There are countless benefits to improving your fitness: Think glowing skin, improved endurance, better muscle tone and a butt like Beyoncé. There’s no question being a fit woman is empowering – but it’s not all roses and dumbbells… Here’s how to beat the daily dramas every fit girl faces (but no one talks about).

  1. Never-ending hunger

When you train hard, it’s completely normal for your appetite to increase. But if you have a weight-loss goal, feeling like you could chow down a five-course meal after every gym sesh is far from ideal. Managing hunger (or hanger) comes down to planning your meals properly. Fitting in a protein-packed snack before and after your workout will help to curb hunger pangs and ensure you don’t go wild at the vending machine after your lunch-time Pump class.

  1. Cramps and stitches and spasms, oh my!

Fit ladies are happy to brag about their exercise-induced endorphin rushes, improved slumber and perkier behinds. What they probably haven’t mentioned are the cramps that come after a strenuous workout. While stretching and staying hydrated can help with muscle soreness, what you may be missing out on is magnesium. This important mineral relaxes the nervous system, supports muscle function and helps to prevent cramps. Supplementing a varied diet with magnesium can be beneficial, especially if you sweat it out in the gym on the reg.

  1. Weights and manis don’t mix

We get it, lifting weights is practically a religion to you. Squats, presses, lunges – you even challenge the boys when it comes to bicep curls. But while you love weights, chances are your hands don’t. Calluses, blisters and hardened skin are all side effects of a tough session on the barbell and they’re not doing your manicured mitts any favours. Consider investing in a pair of weight-lifting gloves (bonus: you’ll look totally pro) and keep your hands nourished by slathering on a quality hand cream when you’re not in the gym.

  1. You forgot to do your kegels

A weak pelvic floor can be a real issue when it comes to exercise. Feeling confident in a Body Attack class can be tough enough without throwing the possibility of a little accident into the mix. If your daily kegels aren’t doing the trick, it might be time to consult an expert about some extra exercises that can help to strengthen your muscles down there. In the meantime, put a pad in your gym bag and stop worrying about it. They make these things for a reason.

  1. Tights are getting tighter

When you drop a dress size after some seriously committed time in the gym, it can feel like a wonderful thing. But what about when your tights start to become a little too, er, tight around your thighs? When your muscles start to grow, clothes that once fit can become uncomfortable. Take it as a positive – and a great excuse to splurge on some new gear! All your hard work is paying off and you’re a step closer to toned legs, a stronger back and a badass, fit body.