When it comes to our health and fitness, PT and Vitality coach, Nikki Fogden-Moore thinks there are a few limiting ideas that could be standing in the way of achieving our goals and forming good, long term habits. It’s these misconceptions that can make staying fit seem like an uphill battle. In Fogden-Moore’s opinion fitness doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful, here are the three ideas she wants you to let go of.

If you don’t work out for an hour it doesn’t count

This couldn’t be further from the truth. First up, consistency is king. If you are telling yourself you can’t exercise today because you don’t have the time then I’m afraid I’m about to burst your excuse bubble. Even 15-20mins a day can make a difference. It’s all about getting a little bit of extra movement.

Flexibility, cardio, strength and agility are important parts of fitness that we should include in our sched on a weekly basis – preferably with a little bit each day. So instead of feeling like you need long gym sessions twice or thrice a week, opt for exercise you enjoy on a more integrated basis with your busy life. Just 15-30 minutes a day is a much easier method of fitting it in and this way, it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Long day at the office? Plan an express session or even just a stretch before bed, use weekends and spare time for longer workouts and use shorter sessions on time-pressed or low motivations days for high intensity workouts. Mix up your training and the times. It’s all about regularity and quality not quantity.

I need to be eating low fat

Low fat doesn’t necessarily equate to healthy. In my opinion, the best rule to live by is to eat as fresh as you can. The closer an ingredient or food is to it’s natural state the better. Low fat, low carb processed foods often aren’t the most nutritionally dense.

Our bodies are designed to work in harmony to break down fibre, absorb essential fats, minerals and vitamins and utilise energy sources from natural foods. If you have a diet rich in wholefoods– lots of vegetables, salads, lean meats and as little packaged food as possible– you will feel and look amazing. Get back to basics and leave the marketing jargon and quick fixes behind.

You need a gym and equipment to get fit

This might be the biggest myth of all! If joining a gym isn’t for you, take your gym outdoors. Try some new sports like stand up paddling to get fit and be active without feeling like you are missing out. Put together a mini core workout for your day that you know only takes 15 minutes but it sets you up for the day ahead (or check one out in WF’s workout section). Walk, run, bike, swim and enjoy being active as a way of life.

The options are endless. In fact, your body and your mind will thank you for a change of scenery every now and then!

Healthy habits are there to help you live life to your best potential. My advice is to keep things super simple. Exercise outdoors, have fun with your kids, find healthy food you love and enjoy these elements more often. Create real synergy between work, life, friends, family, health and wellbeing. All these pillars make up a winning week and a life you love. Once you get those elements in tune there’s no stopping you.

Remember life has no remote you must get up and change it yourself.

Nikki Fogden-Moore specialises in coaching high achievers to bring business and personal vitality to life. Engaging in next level thinking to create harmony and purpose. She runs tailored corporate vitality programs, writes regularly for several business magazines, was long time Head trainer for Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine and has been running leadership and private retreats for over a decade internationally. You can reach her on nikki@thevitalitycoach.com.au or www.thevitalitycoach.com.au