So you’ve made it through the first half of the week  and you’ve been working out each day like a warrior princess (we’re over here applauding you). But to be honest as the week progresses, your motivation is waning fast. Sound familiar? We want you to start and end the week strong so we’ve recruited the fitness experts to share their foolproof, end of the week motivation advice to get you going moving on Thursday and Friday.

Libby Babet

When it comes to feeling tired at the end of the week, more often than not, it’s my brain that’s exhausted more than my body and I get a kind of “tired but wired” vibe going on – it’s that tech burnout feeling.

I try to remember that it’s at these times I will gain the most from a sweaty workout. I give myself a little pep talk and visualise how great I’ll feel at the end of the workout. Oh AND I have another rule that’s even more powerful; if I workout on a Friday, I get to have a cheeky glass of wine to wrap up the week that night. No workout, no wine. It may sound harsh but it gets me to the gym every single time!


Blake Worrall-Thompson

When it comes to motivation there are a couple of things that run through my mind.
1) Who can I steal for the workout – When I’m flat is when I most need that training partner. I’ve got a number of guys that I can turn to if I’m struggling and need a boost
2) The 5 minute rule – I know the first 5 minutes is the hardest, and I know if I can get past that point that everything will be a bit easier
3) Good music – because if that cant get you up nothing will
4) What is a ‘better’ choice – sometimes when I’m really struggling I find going for a run easier than doing a weights session – so a good run is better than a half-arsed weights session or even still, better than nothing.


Lauren Hannaford

The weekend itself is what really gets me motivated to go for a great workout. Knowing that the weekend is about to roll around, I always want to either end the week or start the weekend with an awesome sweat session. This gives me the feeling to be in a good and energetic mood all weekend long.

Nick Cheadle

Nick Cheadle

Training, nutrition and life in general is all about priorities. If you’re making it to the end of the week and your motivation is slipping then it’s important to remind yourself of these priorities.

Make sure you have a plan, particularly if you find you hit Friday and you aren’t feeling as amped and ready to go as you were at the start of the week. Set yourself up for success and make things as easy as possible for yourself. Pre-pack your gym gear, come up with a gym session before you get to the gym and even save your most enjoyable session of the week for the times you struggle the most. Nobody is skipping their favourite workout of the week. Plus, who doesn’t love a delicious well-earned Friday night dinner after a testing session?

Ben Lucas

Ben Lucas

I usually save the workout that I am most excited about doing that week for Thursday. That way I look forward to it all week and then when it finally comes I am pretty excited to do it.

I also try to participate in something new on Friday, be it a new class or another gym to do a strength workout in. I think it really helps keep things fresh and keep me excited about the Friday training session.


Alicia Beveridge

At the beginning of my week I love to lock in a sweat session with a girlfriend. We both put it in our diary as if we have a girl date together (which we do)! My motivation can definitely start to dwindle as the week comes to an end, especially if it has been a big one. By making a commitment to a great friend earlier in the week, I know we’ll have fun sweating it out together and we’ll both feel great after. You can even throw a cheeky brunch/lunch on after it…double win!