As much as we may not like them, burpees really are the king of body weight exercises. The move is fantastic for strength and conditioning and while the order, “do 10 burpees!” may send a shiver down your spine, there’s no questioning the exercise is effective. So we figured it was time to up our burpee-ante with some variations that add an extra cardio, core or strength challenge to our favourite (or not-so-favourite) move. Who knows, these new challenges might even make you fall in love with burpees.

Get a little extra spring into your burpee with a broad jump. As you jump back up to your feet, squat down to engage your hamstrings and glutes. Use your arms for momentum as you jump as far forward as possible. If you want to make it even more tricky, place a low box or step in front of you and jump over it.

The push up burpee is a bit trickier than your usual chest to floor type as it requires you to control your body all the way down and back up. If you struggle to maintain your form with push ups on your toes, drop to your knees! Just make sure your chest kisses the floor on each rep.

The plank jack added onto this burpee gives your core a serious burn. Keep your hips low and your belly button pulled in towards your spine as you jump your feet out and in.

The shoulder tap burpee is another ab blaster. Keep your hands close, with fingers spread and thumbs almost touching. Engage your core and keep your feet a little wider than shoulder width to make the move easier.

This one is tricky! Stabilising the medicine ball while you jump back takes good core and shoulder control so take it slow. As you jump back up lift the ball with bent knees and a straight back before pushing it up overhead. Use a 5-10kg med ball for this exercise.

One of our faves. You may not like burpees but when you’re pretending you’re superman (or supergirl) they become a lot more enjoyable, we promise! If you’re looking for a harder challenge, lift your chest and legs a little bit higher on your supermans.

Claire Campbell is a personal trainer based at Fitness First in St Leonards. Offering both in the gym and outdoor training, Claire specialises in training men and women to feel stronger, happier and to fall in love with movement. Follow her on Instagram for weekly workouts and motivation