Have you ever done a workout and it hurts to laugh the next day? It may be slightly painful but it’s also a badge of honour for a core workout well done. This spectacular abs circuit will have your abdominals, deep core muscles and obliques working from start to finish. Single leg work isolates the two sides of your abdominals while back extensions strengthen your middle and lower back for a complete core challenge.

Throw this circuit onto the end of your workout and you’ll be on your way to a stronger, tighter core.

What you’ll need:

An exercise mat

The workout:

Beginners: 10 reps of each exercise (10 each side for single leg moves). 3 rounds.

Intermediate: 15 reps of each exercise (15 each for single leg moves). 3 rounds.

Advanced: 15 reps each exercise (15 each for single leg moves). 4 rounds.

Remember to scoop in your tummy and pull your belly button down to your spine throughout these moves. While you might be tempted to hold your breath (the pain is real!) remember to keep breathing deeply, it will make turning those mid-section muscles on a lot easier.

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