Digital editor, Bec Chambers, took part in a very special Sweat with Kayla event for the launch of The Iconic Sport. Here’s what went down.

Unless you’re not on social media or you’ve been living on a remote island for a number of years, chances are you’ve heard of Kayla Itsines. She’s the reigning queen of fitness on Instagram and her Bikini Body Guides have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. In fact, the hashtag #BBG has been used over 2.7 million times on Instagram. So when I was given the chance to workout with Kayla at the launch of the Iconic Sport, I was quietly excited. Who am I kidding? I went full on fan girl.

Held at Simmer on the Bay in Sydney’s Walsh Bay, the space was decked out with yoga mats, water bottles and sweat towels. The Iconic’s luxe activewear decorated the walls and a tropical theme was topped off with drinking coconuts and a real-life, palm frond tipi tent. After a few minutes to check out the digs, Kayla took the stage and it was go-time.

the iconic sport

Having not done one of Kayla’s workouts before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kayla’s famous 28 minute sessions involve minimal equipment and very little rest and that’s exactly what we were in for. You may be thinking “28 minutes??? That’s not very long at all” and to that my response is, 28 minutes of sweating with Kayla is hard. It is very hard and I immediately regretted my decision to forgo a pre-workout coffee as the first Nicki Minaj track began to play.

sweat with kayla

After a “warm up” that left me with a serious sweat moustache, the session began. Kayla innocently prefaced our first round by telling us that we would simply be focusing on legs, arms and abs. What she left out was that there would be four minutes of each with little to no rest. The combination of push ups, plank holds and commandos was particularly tear-jerking. Even the guys beside me, who went into this workout way over confident, were murmuring swear words to one another after the first round.

Next, we were split into two groups. Each group did one exercise for thirty seconds before switching. Think jump squats, v-sits (which Kayla calls a C-Snap), jump lunges and push ups from the floor. By this stage, the sweat on my eyebrows had broken the threshold of my eyebrows and was making its way into my eyes.

After three rounds of 2 minutes each we all breathed a sigh of relief. Which was interrupted by Kayla telling us “okay, we’re going to finish with seven minutes of work”. Sit ups, snap jumps, alternating squat jumps, lunges and the dreaded burpees. It was hard but we all survived and I for one felt pretty fantastic afterwards.

Kayla’s equipment free sesh proved that a good workout can be done pretty much anywhere and the Iconic Sport proved to us that a chic workout outfit makes the pain of burpees more bearable. It’s easier to put up with the pain when your tights are on point. Seriously.


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