When the mercury soars the last thing we want to have to do is turn on the oven, which is why the humble salad is our best mate during summer. It also helps that summer is the season for some seriously lush fruit and veg, making boring salads vibrant and flavourful.

We talked to Sumosalad’s resident dietitian, Georgina Moore about her favourite summer combos for nutritious and incredibly delicious salads.

For the girl on the go: Peas, wholemeal penne, mint and parmesan

Fresh and tasty, the pasta offers low GI fuel for a girl with a busy day who needs a quick lunch to keep her moving all afternoon. Add a little olive oil to the hot pasta before throwing in the peas, mint and parmesan. Need an extra protein boost? Chop some grilled chicken for a filling addition.

For the gym junkie: Balsamic, rocket, feta, beetroot and walnuts

Beetroot is known for its ability to help athletes perform better for longer while the feta and walnuts are a good source of vegetarian protein and good fats. This one is the perfect pre-workout lunch.

For the health nut: Kale, quinoa, tahini and carrot

Packed with fibre and antioxidants this is a great combo to give you a big dose of nutrients. Finely chop the kale and mix through the quinoa before adding chunks of carrot and tahini. Chickpeas and cucumber are also brilliant in this salad.

Moore’s other fav ingredients:

Lentils: “They are low GI and full of protein, helping me stay fuller, longer”

Salmon: “It feels like a treat and I know it’s really good for my heart due to its high omega 3 content.”

Fresh herbs: “The flavour they add to dishes is amazing, with no nasties.”