Baby got back (and brains)

Scientists at the University of Oxford have done a study with results that praise women with large derrieres everywhere.

The research, reported by ABC News, found that these women are more intelligent and resistant to chronic illness (like diabetes and heart problems). It also found that ladies with big assets generally have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones that metabolise sugar.

If you’re blessed with a large toosh, you’ll be pleased to know that your booty requires an excess of omega 3 fats, which aid in brain development.

What also came to light in the research was that children with mothers who have wide hips have higher intellect than children with slim mums.

Big butts favour leptin levels (a hormone that regulates weight) in the body, and dinopectina (a hormone with anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties).

So there you go, there’s even more a reason to try this epic booty workout.