Looks like your younger sibling might have something over you when you see them for Christmas – science says they’re officially funnier. (But if you’re the youngest, make sure you tell your bro or sis the` news!)

Uncovered by YouGov, the research found that first-borns tend to feel responsible for their sibs and therefore a bit restricted, whereas the youngest is more easygoing, humorous and laidback.

The study got 1,800 British adult siblings to rate their personality traits, and the results showed that 46 per cent of younger children think they’re the comedian of the fam (compared to 36 per cent of older kids). Not only that, but they think they’re the favourite.

Judging from these stats, it seems the eldest gets the rough end of the stick. But there is a bit of positivity amongst it all! The study suggested that the older ones are more successful, organised and self-confident.

Well, that’s definitely a convo-starter for a Christmas family lunch.

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