It’s the final session of Steph Prem’s ab challenge and she calls this quick circuit her “Core galore” workout. If you’ve got five minutes, you’ve got time for this core sesh. All you’ll need is a mat and some pumping tunes.

The workout:

1. Pilates roll ups x 10 (optional weight or med ball)
2. Oblique sits x 20 (optional weight)
3.Side planks 20 second holds on each
4. Pilates mountain climbers x 10 each side

3 rounds

Things to remember:
  • Keep a neutral spine. That doesn’t mean pressing your back into the floor, it means having a little bit of space between your lower back and the ground.
  • Keep your core scooped in with your belly button pulled towards your spine.
  • Remember to breathe! Exhale as your legs move away, inhale as you bring them back towards resting position.