If you haven’t heard of Aussie model-of-the-moment, Steph Claire Smith, you’re missing out on life/abs/foodie/fitness goals. At just 23, she’s got a million Insty followers, she’s got an e-book called Keep It Clean and a Keep It Cleaner website on food and fitness with fellow model/food Laura Henshaw. Plus, she’s on the cover of our current #wfgoesoutback October issue.

So yeah, the girl’s killing it right now. Here, she gives us a few of her life lessons.

My healthy eating journey started when… my metabolism started to slow down when I was about 18 – that was when I started to become more aware of what I was putting into my body. I found it really fascinating learning a little bit about what works for everyone. It was fun for me when I first started cooking and putting recipes together (like pasta dishes), and trying to make them healthy. It was almost like a challenge each time and then it became habit.

I feel like a balanced diet is best… and I feel like eating as fresh as possible is the healthiest way to do it. There are a lot of diets out there where you fast, or you don’t eat for two days and for the other days you can eat whatever you want. I don’t really understand those diets. They might be quick fixes but I don’t think they’re very good for your long-term health.


Pic via Instagram

When I hear about girls on strict diets… It makes me feel a little sad because I’ve been in a position before where I’ve felt that I had to be strict on myself and push myself, and I was extremely unhappy on the inside. Even though I might have been smaller at that point in life, it actually made me a lot more self-conscious about myself. I cared a little too much and I lost myself a little bit. It makes we worry when young girls get into a really dangerous habit if they do it for too long. I know girls who have gone through that stuff and it’s a very long journey out of it.

Modelling has taught me life lessons… When you’re thrown into something like the modelling industry, it’s very competitive. I suppose as much as I’m competitive, I’m also very much proud of the friends that I have in the modelling industry – if they get a gig over me, it’s not the end of the world. I’ve grown to learn that not getting jobs or getting jobs isn’t to do with you personally; you just might not be suited to the job that time around and that’s fine. Learning that from the industry has definitely helped me in other business senses.

Pic via Instagram

Pic via Instagram

Producing an e-book is definitely a lot of work… We [Steph and Laura Henshaw] were lucky that we had a graphic designer put it together who was a friend of mine from high school, and he was great. The longest part was prepping and getting the recipes together. We had a lot of recipes. I always cook by taste, or I’ll throw this in and throw that in, so it was really difficult to then go over everything, measure every ingredient, make sure it tastes right, test it a few times, give it to friends to try and then see what they thought when they cooked it. That was definitely the longest process, but once we got the recipes written down, we actually shot all our imagery in one day – which we learnt to never do again, because there were 36 recipes to shoot! All up it probably took us five months. What’s great with an e-book is once it’s done, that’s it, you just watch people enjoy it.

I always ask Josh, my partner, for advice… He just seems to have a different opinion all the time. He’s out of the industry, and it’s not like he knows much about healthy eating, but it’s just good to have sometimes. Laura and I agree on a lot, so it’s nice to have someone to sometimes disagree with us and make us think twice about something. We bounce off each other, Laura and I. As much as we agree on everything, we’ve also got very different ideas that come into play and it’s good.

For more of our chat with Steph and her sizzling fashion spread in the Aussie outback, pick up the October issue, out now!