Trying to keep up your fitness routine while on a fabulous vacay can be hard, but it is possible, says WF reader ambassador Bec Tippett. In this week’s blog, she talks about how she makes the most of her beautiful surroundings.

“Holidays are for relaxing, rejuvenating and rewiring. They’re also a time where we tend to over indulge and our existing exercise routines are pushed aside. Then we come back to reality feeling sluggish, tired and like we need another holiday!

So how can we stay healthy while being tempted with all the local cuisines, buffet dinners and cocktails that are so easily accessible to us?

For me, it’s a challenging combination. My days usually revolve around eating and finding the best restaurants and cafes around the area, and usually my body is too relaxed to even contemplate any exercise. So when people complain about putting on a few kilos while holidaying, I can totally relate!

I travelled last year to a few different places and realised that if you work with the landscape that is right in front of you, keeping active whilst exploring a new place is a no brainer. When I visited Queenstown, my boyfriend and I hiked to a new place everyday. One day we were completely unprepared for the snowstorm that hit us half way on the journey, so much so that we lost our bearings and ended up walking a lot further than we planned for.

Bec in Queenstown

Bec in Queenstown

Now I’m not saying that you should go get lost or be unprepared, but in this case, what seemed like planned exercise seemed like less of a chore with the amazing scenery and place we discovered.

If you feel like you have a huge list of excuses (coincidentally more if you’re on holidays), like the weather not cooperating or you just don’t feel like exercising, then you’re entitled to take some time off and look after your body. This is where you can compromise and go get a massage or spend time in the sauna or pool. It’s benefitting your mind and allowing your body to rest up to do something else later. There is always an alternative way.

The easiest way of not over indulging is to keep active by making use of the facilities, the landscape and nature. It also means you don’t have to miss out on trying the local delicacy – it just means you will truly enjoy every meal knowing you’ve had an accomplished and productive day.”

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