Stylerunner’s content queen, Julia Giampietro, thinks what you do right after a workout is as important as what you do during it and we tend to agree. She’s nailed the five most important moves to make post workout.

So you’ve just spent 45 minutes sweating your little butt off in the most intense HIIT session ever. Now what?

Did you know that what you do following your workout is just as important as how hard you work during? Here’s how to get the most out of your next training sesh and I’m not just talking about a post-workout brunch date.

  1. Stretch / Foam Roller

An absolute must after every workout – even if it’s only for five minutes. Treating your body to a good stretch not only feels great, it helps reduce soreness, relieves tightness and increases flexibility. Focus your attention on areas used most and take your recovery session to the next level with a foam roller. This is an inexpensive and effective technique which will further lengthen your muscles and increase blood flow for optimum recovery.

  1. Rehydrate

Drink, drink and drink some more! The aim is to replace the fluid lost during your sweat sesh, plus some. Water is critical for replenishing your cells and should be consumed immediately after your workout and also throughout the entire course of the day if you exercise in the morning. Coconut water is another great option as it contains electrolytes and is a natural alternative to sports drinks.

  1. Refuel

Try and reach for a protein-rich snack within an hour of finishing your workout. Why an hour? During this time your body is most responsive at absorbing both carbs and proteins. A meal with a high protein component promotes muscle repair whilst a low GI source works to restore glucose levels, helping you to avoid a post-workout headache or worse, dreaded hanger!

Quick and easy options:

Rice cracker with peanut butter or cottage cheese
Protein shake
Hard boiled egg
Veggie sticks and hummus
Greek yoghurt and berries
Handful of nuts
Can of tuna

  1. Take a shower

Two reasons you should shower after a workout: First of all, it’s good hygiene. Second of all, cold showers in particular, are known to boost recovery and prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). If you have time to soak in the tub, opt for an Epsom salt bath instead. Epsom salt contains magnesium which draws inflammation from the body and helps combat muscle fatigue and soreness.

  1. Wear compression

Not only do they look great thanks to their slimming and flattering fit but compression tights do all sorts of smart things like prevent strain and fatigue through major muscle support. They also minimise lactic acid build-up when worn both during and post workout meaning walking up stairs tomorrow will be that much easier. Like you needed another excuse to wear your activewear to brunch!

Here are our top picks which will take you from gym to street in true athleisure style: