While your three HIIT workouts a week might feel like they take an eternity, according to a new study the average human only spends 0.69% of their life exercising.

This discovery is part of a global study by Reebok, that looks at how us humans spend our time on earth. The research supports Reebok’s new “25,915 Days” campaign, named for the average amount of days we get in a lifetime (that’s 71 years). The campaign aims to push us to make the most of our limited days and do more with the bodies we have been given with the hope that we can push up that 1% to a more substantial percentage.

The study was conducted in conjunction with global consultancy Censuswide and had more than 9,000 respondents from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico, Russia, Korea and Spain. To put our exercising habits into perspective, the study also looked at other ways we spend our time, revealing that we will spend around 41 percent of our lives engaging with technology– just another reason to back away from your smartphone, lace up your shoes and get moving.

“It gives us a renewed urgency to get out there and live fuller, healthier lives. If we all traded in 30 minutes of phone time for a jog, we could actually help change the dynamics of global wellness,” says Yan Martin, vice president of brand management at Reebok.

Other stats revealed by the study included that we will spend just under 30% of our lives sitting down, 6.8% of our lives socialising with somebody we love and the average human will break a New Year’s resolution after 2.72 months on average (guilty!).

So buck the trend and boost that percentage- by simply adding an extra one hour sesh every week you could almost double the amount of life you spend getting your sweat on.