Swapping sun-kissed beach days and balmy summer nights for the harsh reality of UV lights and an overflowing inbox can send even the perkiest of us into a downward spiral. To ensure you don’t succumb to those post-holiday blues Jo Power,  celebration specialist and founder of Things by Bean, has put together some tips on battling the Christmas comedown like a boss.  

Infuse a bit of vacay into your everyday

Half the post-Christmas blues are created by putting 100% of your focus on the holiday season itself. I lurve the silly season as much as the next gal—gingerbread men dipped in eggnog, anyone?—but I try not to place all my eggs in one basket. You can focus some of your energy beyond the holiday and plan weekly activities and catch-ups with friends and family, making sure your day-to-day life is filled with all the things you love. Try booking in that hike you and your friends always talk about but never do, or signing up for a dance class or pottery course—anything to add a bit of spice into those first few weeks back in the daily grind.

Remember: overconsumption is not your friend

I get it; it’s hard to say no when you’re in holiday mode. But the festive season is absolutely bursting with bevvies and heavy feasting, on top of late nights out enjoying the festivities. This combination can be physically and mentally exhausting, and can really throw your mood and energy levels out of wack. I’m not suggesting depriving yourself of Christmas pud (sacrilege!), but try incorporating fresh foods and exercise, too. Movement is vital—it doesn’t have to be strenuous, an evening stroll will do just fine. Once you’re back at work, keep up your healthy eating and exercise regime to boost endorphins and keep the blues at bay.

Set (and kick) some goals

What better way to get over the post-holiday blues than book a mid-year trip? Half the fun of a holiday is the anticipation; planning your next adventure will do wonders for your mood. Make sure you also set some goals for your year. I’m not talking about your stock-standard New Year’s resolutions, I mean small, achievable monthly goals that will keep your mind busy and focused on nailing each goal, instead of counting down the days until the next silly season.