If you’re looking for a cardio challenge then we all know that stair sprints are a serious butt kicker. Running as fast as possible up a set of steps isn’t the only way you can use them to get a good workout though.

This sesh takes some of our favourite exercises to the stairs as well as some new, hybrid moves that challenge your bod from head to toe (no equipment needed!) The best thing is, the whole workout will take less than twenty minutes and you’ll mix resistance with cardio for a well-rounded session.

Push up hop

Place your hands on a stair about three above you (or wherever is comfortable for your height). Perform a push up letting your chest touch the stair gently. Bunny hop with both feet up two stairs and reset your hands two steps higher. This might seem a little tricky at first! Make sure you set your gaze to the step you want to land on and jump high so that you don’t catch your toe on the lower stair.

Stair lunge

Just like a walking lunge but using the incline of the stair to activate your bottom muscles more. Step up three to four stairs, transferring your weight into your front foot. The higher you step, the harder this exercise is. Go as deep as possible on each lunge to feel a hip stretch and activate more of your hamstring muscle.

If you run out of steps before hitting the rep range, jog back down to the bottom and start again.

Fast feet

Use the first or second step for this exercise. Step on with your left foot, then your right foot and back off with your left foot and then your right foot. Speed up the move, using your arms to propel you. The aim is to move on and off as fast as possible. Repeat on the opposite side with your right foot stepping first.

Step up with kick back

Using the second or third stair, step up with your left foot. Bring your right foot up and kick upwards with a straight leg. As you kick, ensure that your core is switched on (the best way to do this is by thinking about pulling your belly button towards your spine). Step back to the ground with the leg you kicked back and repeat on the opposite side.

Bunny hop

With your feet together, hop up one stair at a time jumping to the left then to the right. Use your arms for momentum, performing a squat before hopping to the next stair.

The workout:

Perform each exercise back to back with as little rest as possible to get your heart rate sky rocketing. Once you’ve finished all five exercises take a breather for 60 seconds and go again.

Beginners: Perform 10 reps of each move. Repeat for three rounds.

Intermediate: Perform 16 reps of each move. Repeat for three rounds.

Advanced: Perform 20 reps of each move. Repeat for four rounds.