Ever walk out of a shopping centre and forget where your car’s parked? Or maybe you search 20 minutes for your phone when it was in your back pocket the whole time? Well, according to a new study, those momentary lapses in memory are a good sign for how you cope with new challenges.

As reported in The Times, research suggests that your brain actively encourages you to forget things so that you can recall and refine other memories. So basically, your noggin is trying to get rid of the pointless, mundane stuff so you don’t overload your mind with millions of pieces of info. Oh brain, you so smart.

“We think an important part of being intelligent is about forgetting the details of past experiences,” says Professor Blake Richards, of the University of Toronto.

Published in the journal Neuron, the research suggests that in terms of brain efficiency, forgetting things and remembering things are as important as each other.

Professor Richards also made a case that, as shown by other research, those with the best memories aren’t high achievers.

So, there you have it, even if your memory might not be the best, at least you can say you’re smart.

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