Ranked #3 on the World Surf League Women’s Champion tour, pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons is a passionate wholefoodie and all about showing her body some serious love. Sally, an ambassador for Burt’s Bees tells us, “if you put rubbish in, you’re going to get rubbish efforts from your body in return.” She loves to keep her diet colourful with loads of fresh, seasonal produce, and avoids processed food as much as possible to make sure her body is getting all the essential vitamins and nutrients she needs to keep up with her active lifestyle. Sally has been on travelling around the world on tour since 2009—and as she’s always on the road, she’s found a few places along her travels that help her keep her diet on track.

Dolce Terra Manly

“What an amazing feeling it is to share my love of clean healthy eating with like-minded people,” says Sally, “I’m so stoked to have the team at Dolce Terra fueling me up after a surf or training when I’m in Manly, helping me to perform at my best with the best fuel during my day!”. The Dolce Terra menu boasts a fun DIY aspect—letting you choose your favourite elements to create your own bespoke meal. First you choose your protein, then pick your salad base, add a super-boost of nuts and seeds and finally drown it in your fave healthy condiment.

Blue Swimmer Cafe, Gerroa

Nestled in Sally’s hometown of Gerroa, The Blue Swimmer café sports healthy menu items like a breakfast bowl filled kale, quinoa, avocado, sweet potato hummus, roast tomatoes and poached eggs to an acai bowl with house made granola, chia seeds, strawberries, banana and coconut. Just an hour and a half drive away from Sydney, this healthy hotspot keeps Sally fuelled to go for a paddle with her three older brother on her visits home.

Heirloom, Perth

The menu at Heirloom features fresh, healthy and delicious meals made using locally sourced ingredients—well in keeping with Sally’s foodie philosophies. Sporting a host of vegan, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and paleo dishes—including paleo crème brûlée (uh, can you deliver to us, please?) Heirloom is high up on Sally’s list of favourite places to dine when she’s in Perth on tour.