This might just be the coolest charity run on the planet. The Wings for Life World Run on 8 May will see thousands of people around the world set off at the same time, all running to raise money for spinal cord injury research.

Want to get involved? Here’s how it works:

1. Either make your way to Melbourne or download the Wings for Life Selfie Run App to take part wherever you are.

2. At 11am UTC (In Aus, that’ll be 9pm on 8 May), you’ll set off from the start line with your fellow racers, jogging at a leisurely pace or striding out at race pace if you want to compete with the world!

3. Half an hour after the start, a catcher car will leave from the start line in pursuit. The car accelerates as it follows you, making it a finish line that chases you.

4. The race ends when the catcher car catches up with you (there’s even a virtual catcher car on the app). If you’re cruising at an easy pace, the car will probably track you down at the 10km mark. Pick up your pace to challenge yourself and see where you rank on the world scale. The last man and woman to finish worldwide are crowned the global winners!

5. Your reward? All the warm and fuzzy feels. One hundred per cent of your registration fee is donated to spinal cord injury research, and you can ask friends and family to sponsor your run, too. For Rhiannon Tracey, who was left a quadriplegic after an accident in Bali and plans to push at least 3km in the Melbourne race, those donations mean the world. “It’s really, really incredible what Wings for Life is doing for spinal cord injury research,” she says. “We are going to get a cure for this injury one day.”

Inspired? Head to to sign up.