Just when we thought we were smashing our health goals by drinking 2L of water every day with our pretty bottle sitting on our work desk, it turns out that it might not be healthy after all.

Yep, new research has discovered that refilling the same plastic water bottle could carry the same amount of germs as licking your toilet.

Excuse us for a second while we shudder.

Treadmillreviews had an athlete use the same bottle for a week and after testing it, they found that it had the highest number of bacteria – over 900,000 colony forming units (CFU) per square centimetre on average. That’s more than your standard toilet seat.

Apart from that news being SO INSANELY GROSS, the research found that 60 per cent of the germs can make you sick. Maybe that could be to blame for feeling a little under the weather…

Slide-top bottles were found to be the worst culprits, with squeeze-tops and screw-tops coming in next, and straw-tops being the safest.

Basically, any bottle that has awkward or hard-to-reach spots, you should probably ditch.

The fancy stainless steel bottles are said to be healthier than drinking from plastic bottles, so go forth and invest in one.

The best advice? Wash your bottles. Every. Single. Day