Kirsty Godso gives us the lowdown on her favourite quick workout, outfit inspo and best snack on the go.

It’s a well-known fact that Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso is the ultimate girl boss and a great source of motivation. She shared with us her tips for days when you’re time poor, her favourite outfit combos and her best post-workout snack on the go.

  1. If you only had 20 minutes to train, what would you do? 

I would do High Intensity Interval Training so I can get the most out of the time.

Tabata training is one of my absolute favourite HIIT methods. It’s guaranteed to get your heart rate up in a matter of seconds! Start by picking a few exercises that focus on your full body or a good mix of upper and lower body resistance and cardio moves.

Work at maximum intensity for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds then repeat this process 8 times for each exercise. Take a full minute to recover in between changing exercises – you will need it!

Some of my favourite moves to use are mountain climbers, burpee tuck jumps and jumping lunges. I also frequently use the N+TC App when I’m short on time and head straight to the ‘Get Focused’ section of the app which features a variety of workouts you can do in as little as 5 minutes.

  1. A good outfit motivates us. With a Nike wardrobe at your disposable, talk us through your favourite outfit combinations.

At the moment everything for me is around the Nike Flyknit Zoom Agility Training shoe. I am absolutely OBSESSED! I am lucky enough to have a great range of colours to choose from in my wardrobe so if I pick one of my bright pairs like the Pink/Citrus or Volt pairs then I will wear mostly black workout gear with a bright bra but if I wear my Black or Wolf Grey Zoom’s, I’ll wear some printed tights and a bright Nike training tank.

  1. What’s your post workout snack on the run?

Nutrition is very important to me as I demand a lot of physical exertion from my body so even when I’m on the run, I always try and make smart snacking choices. Post workout my go to option is a scoop of whey protein powder mixed with 250ml of water. This fills me up until I can sit down to a proper meal and also gets to work on helping my muscles recover from my workout.