However you’re spending Australia Day, a roaring BBQ with prawns, lamb and snags is almost non-negotiable. To impress your friends with your grill skills, take note of these easy marinating tips and ideas by our friends at IGA.

  • A little bit of garlic, rosemary and oil can make a lamp chop explode with flavour.
  • A simple lamb marinade is Balsamic vinegar, rosemary and a bit of salt. You can do this in a bowl when you take the meat out of the fridge (10 minutes before you want to cook it) and then baste while cooking.
  • This vegemite steak marinade recipe is for the committed Australia Day lovers. Place 120g of butter, 2 tablespoons of Vegemite and a handful of fresh thyme in a bowl and season with sea salt and cracked pepper. Get the recipe here.
  • A great chicken marinade is honey and soy (in equal parts). If you heat for 10 sec in the microwave, the honey and soy will combine easily.
  • For fish, you’ll only need to marinate for 30 minutes or less, chicken breast will take less than 2 hours, thin steaks 30 minutes to 3 hours, and thick cuts for 4 hours.
  • Marinating won’t always tenderise your meat, it’ll just flavour the surface. However, by marinating thinner cuts (which will also speed up cooking time) the marinade can get inside and juice up your meats.
  • Common components for the perfect marinade can include oil, vinegar, wine, citrus juice, garlic, herbs, spices and fresh fruit.
  • For best results, lightly pat each piece with clean piece of paper before cooking. This removes any excess and helps in the cooking process.

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