Every year more than 32,000 plastic bottles, bottle caps and lids are littered across Australia. With World Earth Day falling this Sunday, here are our top five tips for reducing your plastic consumption and living a healthier, more environmentally conscious life.

Amy Fox has successfully expelled toxic plastics after watching a documentary on The Pacific Garbage Patch.  Amy now runs her own small business, The Low Tox Fox, selling natural, toxin and plastic-free products.

Amy says “The plastic pollution problem won’t go away if we don’t do something about it. It’s heartbreaking seeing animals washed up on beaches with their stomachs full of plastic all because of our ‘convenience items’ such as plastic straws and single-use plastic bottles”.

  1. Shop Local 

Local farmer’s markets are the perfect excuse to get into the community on the weekend and avoid unnecessary packaging of foods whilst also supporting the local community. Bulk food stores also sell dried foods by weight, making them an environmentally and economically friendly option!

  1. Make a reusable kit 

Amy has created her own ‘reusable kit’ containing a glass coffee cup, bamboo cutlery set, stainless steel straw and produce bags”, which she keeps in her handbag or car where it can be easily accessed at any time to take her plastic detox out of the house!

  1. Find alternatives to purchasing bottled water 

Bottled water is one of the most expensive and unnecessary products available! There are so many alternatives to purchasing bottled water like SodaStream, a convenient way to have fresh sparkling water instantly. One SodaStream bottle saves 2,190 single-use plastic bottles going into landfill in its lifetime!

  1. Use natural cleaning products 

Natural and plant-based cleaning products are increasingly available and lack the toxic chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and the environment. Use cleaning products you would find in the kitchen like baking soda or vinegar instead of bottled chemicals, or purchase products with refills available to reduce the number of plastic containers going into landfill.

  1. Avoid damaging takeaway containers 

Avoid collecting unnecessary containers that we always say we will reuse and never do, by choosing to dine in at your favorite restaurant or have your friends around for a dinner party for homemade poke bowls or a fun sushi making night!