This month WF Editor, Samera, got to spend some time with Jesinta Campbell (our amazing, November cover model) on a windy beach in Sydney. Jesinta chatted about her love for exercise, how she stays motivated and what her down time involves (hint: she’s just a normal chick like you and I).

How did you get into exercise?

“I started running when I was a teenager around the Nerang River on the Gold Coast. Mum would jog around the river twice a week so I started going with her. That was probably my first introduction to fitness. Now it’s definitely something I try to integrate into my everyday lifestyle, and I always try to change it up and challenge myself and set new goals.”

What did your training look like for the Blackmores half marathon?
“It was all running based. An example week looked like this: a 5K run on Monday, rest on Tuesday, 20 x 200m sprints on the treadmill on Wednesday was, a gym stability session on Thursday, 6 x 1000m intervals on the treadmill on Friday, rest on Saturday and a 10km run around the Harbour on Sunday. That’s a lot of running, but I was training for a half marathon in just three weeks, and the best way to increase your fitness really quickly is interval training (it’s also the hardest).”

What do you love about running?

“Sometimes for me it’s the best stress reliever. I can put my music in and the music will take me to a whole other place, and I’ll sweat it out and feel so good.”

Fave songs to run to?

“I love Tyga’s new album, Drake, Rihanna, Little Wayne… all RnB and hip hop!”

What’s your best fitness advice?

“My advice is to change it up. Do things that are constantly going to challenge you. Go and do group fitness classes – there’s an amazing retro aerobics class that I do (Retrosweat) and there are so many things that you can do that are fun and challenging and great for your fitness. You don’t have to be running on the treadmill for 30 minutes.”

Your training must-have?

“I think it’s so important to have a workout buddy, because you can keep each other inspired and motivated. If I didn’t have a personal trainer or didn’t dedicate myself to classes, I don’t think I could do it. Lauryn Eagle keeps me so inspired, and my trainer Dan really keeps me on track. It’s just surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Often Dan and I will go get a healthy breakfast or healthy lunch together. He’ll be like, “you were really tired that session. Tomorrow you’re not training; you need to go and rest”. So, it’s not just about working out, it’s actually having that care factor. We’re like a little team.”

What else motivates you to work out?

“There are mornings when I wake up and I’m like, ‘I cannot be fussed’ but the feeling when you complete the workout is so much better than when you don’t. It’s that feeling that I chase a little bit.”

How do you unwind?

“I often treat myself to a massage, or just relax at home on the couch with Bud [fiancé and Sydney Swans player Buddy Franklin]. He gives me a foot massage and we sit there and watch a DVD. Just normal stuff like that to me is so much more relaxing than anything else. We go to the beach; we have our little spot that we go to. And once a day we walk the dog together and it’s so relaxing. We go out to the park, throw the dog a ball. We’ll debrief on our day; we have good chats with each other. It sounds so simple.”

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