It’s time to get a little primal with a new fitness class called IRON ZUU. Based on the already-successful fitness trend called ZUU, this style of exercise channels animal movements (literally) to get your heart racing and your muscles burning.

Founded by PT and strength and conditioning coach, Nathan Helberg, IRON ZUU is a weightlifting class that combines heavy lifts, squats and pulls with ‘animal’ moves (with some called ‘rhino step’, ‘cobras’ and ‘frogs’). It’s high intensity, low impact, great for mobility and is an epic resistance and cardio workout.

Nathan says the workout consists of an original mix of:

  • Dumbbell/barbell techniques that promote a more natural range of motion.
  • Unique combinations of ZUU movements that mobilise your joints, prevent injury, strengthen your cardio, ligaments, tendons which is crucial to increasing strength while burning body fat.

The first IRON ZUU class is set to open on the Gold Coast in Jan 2017 and we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of pop up all around the country. To give you a little taste of what’s to come, Nathan put together this quick full-body workout for you to get cracking with. You don’t need any equipment and can do it at home.

Before you launch into the combos, get familiar with the movements below.



Rhino step


Click here to learn the move.

Kick sits


IRON ZUU workout
Round 1: 10 x Frogs, 10 x Rhino Step, 10 x Chameleons, 10 x Cobras, 20 x Kick sits

Round 2: 20 x Frogs, 20 x Rhino Step, 20 x Chameleons, 20 x Cobras, 40 x Kick sits

Round 3: 30 x Frogs, 30 x Rhino Step, 30 x Chameleons, 30 x Cobras, 60 x Kick sits

Round 4: 40 x Frogs, 40 x Rhino Step, 40 x Chameleons, 40 x Cobras, 80 x Kick sits