WF beauty writer Constantina Demos tried her pass at a metabolic training session with Nike personal trainer Steph Bruckner recently to try out the new Nike Metcon 4, a cross training and weightlifting shoe. After she’d caught her breath, she took the time to chat with Steph about all things metabolic and weight training, functional movement and the kind of kicks we need to train in for maximum support. Here’s what Steph had to say.

What does metabolic training mean?

“Metabolic training or Metabolic conditioning is a type of training style designed to challenge and improve your overall fitness level through high intensity circuits of structural/compound movements. This usually involves back-to-back maximum efforts of exercises, with minimum recovery for a prolonged period of time,” Steph says.

How does metabolic training benefit us in ways that other exercises don’t?

“It always depends on your goals but if you are after an increase in your strength and fitness level then metabolic training is extremely efficient as it is created to achieve these results in less time. The intensity is maintained at a high level, which helps to increase the metabolism, burning more calories during and after the workout,” says Steph.

How important is it for women to lift weights? And why?

“The benefits of lifting weight are not just aesthetic. Lifting weight benefits the preservation and longevity of the body as you’ll get stronger, improve your posture and be less prone to injury. Resistance training creates an increase in lean muscle mass as well as increasing your metabolism. You’ll burn more calories not only during your workout but also for hours after, contributing to healthy weight management and may help in the prevention/management of some lifestyle diseases. Resistance training has benefits towards bone density, which may also help decrease the risk of osteoporosis. The importance for women to lift weight is showing through not just immediate benefits but lifelong benefits,” Steph explains.

Are there any common misconceptions when it comes to lifting weights among women? And what are they?

“There’s still the misconception today that lifting weight makes women ‘big and bulky’,” says Steph.

Why should we incorporate functional movements into our workouts? How do they benefit us?

“‘Functional’ movements help to maintain the balance of strength and mobility/flexibility in the body. These movements help keep our body strong and mobile in all different places as well as assist in injury prevention. Functional movement also helps to improve posture, coordination, mind to muscle connection and control,” Steph says.

If we include the above exercises into or workouts how will that shake up our usual workout routine?

“Well it always depends on what your usual routine looks like, but I believe we should be challenged in all departments of Strength, Mobility, Endurance as well as Rest and Play to create a well rounded body. Incorporating metabolic and functional training will help keep challenging and progressing your body as well as your workouts. Engagement is a major factor in motivation so incorporating different types of training will help keep your workouts interesting,” Steph explains.

What kind of shoe would you need to support these kinds of workouts?

“The Nike Metcon 4 is a training shoe designed specifically to enhance the execution of movement in your workouts. It provides stability and support with a sense of connection to the floor, which is needed for resistance style training. It also provides the flexibility and freedom to move in all directions, which is great for when you’re executing functional movements,” Steph says.

Steph put together a full-body workout that incorporates functional movements, lifting and metabolic training – and is perfect for the Metcon 4. Come, on, we’ll do it with you.


Complete 2 rounds of each block, and perform 8-12 reps of each exercise using a medium to light weight. You’ll need a kettle bell (KB) or dumbbell (DB), TRX straps and a mini resistance band to smash this one out of the park. If you have any injuries or contraindications, please check with your PT or health professional before you give this a go!

Warm up – 3-5mins

  • Inch worm x 4
  • Hip opener with Tspine rotation (R) + (L) x 2
  • Bottoms up Squat x4
  • Plank 30sec x 2
  • Glute bridge 30sec x 2

Block 1 – 15mins

  1. Banded/Body Weight Glute Bridge
  2. KB Goblet Squat
  3. KB Front Rack Reverse Lunge (R) + (L)
  4. KB Deadlift
  5. TRX Row
  6. TRX Squat Jump

Block 2 – 15mins

  1. DB Single Leg Deadlift (R) + (L)
  2. Body weight push up with T spine Rotation
  3. Lateral Lunge
  4. TRX Power Pull
  5. KB Sumo Deadlift
  6. DB Split Squat

Block 3 – 5mins

Metabolic Conditioning AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) – 6 reps of each

  1. KB/DB Thruster
  2. KB/DB Plank Row
  3. KB/DB Man Maker
  4. Lateral skater hop – single leg
  5. Burpee