Let’s face it, there’s seldom a time when we enter the gym with an unlimited amount of time for our workout. More often than not we’ve got somewhere else to be or a little window of time in which to get in, get it done and leave feeling like a champ. When we’re faced with time constraints, we need effective, resistance moves to get the job done.

If you’re all about efficiency in life then these multitasking moves are perfect for you. They’ll work multiple muscles at once and give you a little cardio challenge while you’re at it.


The alternating KB row works both sides of your back in one move. Hinge forward from the hips with a pair of 5-12kg kettlebells (depending on your strength). Row one kettlebell at a time upwards, keeping your elbow close to your body. Engage your core to keep your body steady and keep your head neutral by looking forward at a point on the floor 1-2m ahead of you.


The squat press is a high power move that will work your legs, back and shoulders all at once. The key to this move is using some of the momentum from your squat to push the dumbbells over head. This means it’s all about your timing, so start slow until you get the hang of it. Drop your bottom back into a squat holding the dumbbells up just above your shoulders. As you push back up to the top, press the dumbbells overhead, control the weights back down to your shoulders before squatting again. That’s one rep.


The push up renegade row is a tricky move. Move your feet out wider than hip width to maintain balance and engage your core as you row. The key to this move is keeping your shoulder blades tight and engaged to keep your torso stable. Too hard? Drop to your knees but make sure your chest touches the ground on each push up.


20 alternating KB rows

15 squat presses

10 renegade rows

4 rounds