Let’s be real, finding motivation to work out can be really hard. Sometimes the pull of the comfy couch and chocolate sitting in the fridge can be too strong to fight. In this week’s blog, WF reader ambassador Bec Tippett shares her tips on how to push through and bring back that spark.

“Lets talk about motivation! What thoughts immediately come to your head or what emotions do you feel? Why does the word itself seem so daunting and distressing? Motivation plays a role in everything we do, whether it’s succeeding in your job, going to the gym or not, saving money, learning a new language etc. It connects thoughts to actions and is vital for success.

Here are three tips I always use to help me stay motivated:

Change your thought process
Your mind is your most powerful asset but used incorrectly it can be a heavy burden. It’s so easy to be persuaded by excuses and set yourself up for failure. If you wake up every morning and dread going to the gym, work or uni, you need to change your thinking! I’m guilty of this sometimes. When I notice myself starting to think like this, I immediately think about the repercussions of not doing what I’m supposed to and how it will affect me later. Will I be angry at myself for not doing my morning workout? Will I get anything from going to work in a bad mood?

Hold yourself accountable
If it means you have to put a bet on and if you fail there is an unpleasant result, then do it. Having this in the back of your mind will hopefully always push you further towards your goals. I also usually tell my boyfriend about what I want to do and he will help me to find a way to make sure I can follow through with everything I say.”

Read or watch a motivational speech
With the internet right at our fingertips, you can get a hold of inspirational material at any moment. YouTube is a great source for this, just go through it and find a clip that relates to you and can help you out. Otherwise turn to a friend for a recommendation on a book or documentary. Here are my fave motivational YouTube clips:

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