Want to get super motivated? Implement these five easy-as steps from Ash Lane and Ash Jade (@_fitwithash / fitwithash.com.au) into your everyday life, to get what you want out of life.

#1 Get your morning routine in check

A morning routine is all about creating good habits, and is really important for lifetime success – and  the first hour of your day dictates the remainder of your day! This is what a morning routine looks like in the life of Ash + Ash:
3:50am: Wake up and drink a glass of lemon water to kick start the metabolism and rehydrate.
3:55-4:05am: Meditate. We use a guided meditation by headspace. All you need to do is pop your headphones on and kick back and listen (don’t worry, this can take practice to feel natural).
4:05-4:35am: Yoga/stretching/light physical activity.
4:35-4:45am: Reading. We use this time to read a few pages of something for personal development – studies show that reading or listening to an audiobook of this nature will be a sure-fire way to kick start those feel-good hormones that help kick our motivation into gear.
4:20-4:50am: Write down our goals (daily reminder and our top three must dos that we MUST achieve before the day is done. These three are absolute non-negotiables!

#2 Set goals

Waiting for motivation to knock down your door? We’ve got some bad news… You’re never going to feel like it! Motivation, or feeling like doing something, is the chemical in our brain that causes us to be motivated by rewarding experiences. An easy way to achieve a rewarding experience is to set goals. Motivation will naturally flow as the result of you completing a step and meeting a challenge. Take some time to figure out what your goals are. Remember to start small, be specific, make sure they can be measured and are achievable and realistic goals – with a deadline. Don’t worry if they are not perfect just yet. Good is good enough. We can adjust these as we go! Once you have your goal or list of goals, break them down even further and ask yourself: What do I need to daily that will help me achieve that goal? Whatever your answer is add this to your daily must-do list.

#3 Have purpose

Why do you get up each day to workout? Why do you want to feel confident in your skin? Why do you want a healthy lifestyle? Is it to feel good? Guess what – not good enough! Because those mornings when you’ve had a late night, or it’s too cold, or you’re too sore, simply wanting to feel good is not going to get you out of bed to do something that’s going to feel uncomfortable. Our brains are wired to stop us from doing things that are scary and difficult. So, if we don’t have a big enough purpose, one that make us jump out of bed in the morning, how long do think it will last before you give up? Digging deep and finding the driving force is where it’s at. What will happen if you don’t feel good or confident? What will happen if you are not healthy? Is it because you are at risk of heart disease or diabetes? Is it because you can’t perform properly in your job? Is it because you don’t have a great relationship with your partner? Or maybe it’s because you want to be a better parent? Find that reason that pulls on the heartstrings and brings the fire to your belly every time you think about it.

#4 Find positive influencers

Do you have positive influencers in your life? Are you a positive influence for others? The people, places and experiences that we are surrounded by daily, can provide either a positive or negative influence on us. Can you think of a time where a positive person, place, or experience moved you closer to your goals, or simply had a positive impact on your day, or maybe even your life? im Rohn’s theory that “We become the combined average of the five people we hang around most” is definitely something worth considering. Take a look at who are you spending majority your time with. Do they add value to your life, or do they take away from it? You want people who challenge you, support you and help you chase down your goals, dreams and visions.

#5 Be a positive self-talker

You may be walking the walk, but are you talking the RIGHT talk? You might not even be aware of the running commentary in the background. “I just can’t lose weight, I have tried everything” or “Everyone will think I look fat in these clothes” are just two examples of negative self-talk. Generally, those on a weight loss journey criticize themselves so much they can actually sabotage their own journey. Self-talk is not only the words we speak but it is also your thoughts. The mind is very powerful, and when we repeat thoughts, or say phrases or words enough, our brain begins to believe them to be true.  Write down your self-talk. Seeing it on paper may make you more aware of how you are actually treating yourself.