Meet Lauren Vickers, and welcome to her boutique – Paco Loves Luna. Made in the USA using recycled plastic bottles (yep, you heard that right!) to create lightweight, quick dry eco-friendly clothing for women – Paco Loves Luna showcases activewear for all shapes and sizes, including maternity and plus sizes. Lauren sources from high quality activewear brands that she knows and trusts – so you can get back to working towards your fitness goals without worrying where your activewear has come from (and rest easy with the knowledge that it’s not harming the planet!)

Lauren lives and breathes health and wellness in her daily life – as a model and PT, she realises that “dedicating time to yourself to get stronger, look better and feel balanced is SO important in this world of chaos and extra stress that we place on ourselves.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves, miss!

We chatted to Lauren about all things health, wellness, body diversity and activewear made from plastic bottles – check it out!

Tell us what motivated you to start your own activewear range?

 I love health and fitness, it’s something I embrace in my life every single day. I believe that when you feel good, you look good and I’m all about people introducing more exercise into their lives!  I worked with so many great labels overseas that were producing amazing quality activewear, and I hadn’t seen them much over in Australia, so I wanted to create a little marketplace of my favourites where women of all shapes and sizes could find pieces to suit them through any type of exercise,” says Lauren.

Why did recycled plastic bottles and eco-friendly materials matter to you?

“Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is incredibly important to people, you just have to offer them the choice to realise it. The clothing manufacturing industry can be really tough on the planet, so choosing eco-friendly materials, dyes, and practices can really make a difference.  The clothes also last a really long time, don’t lose their stretch, pattern or colour and look amazing.  I’ll definitely be looking for more eco-friendly brands to stock, and also an eco-friendly Australian manufacturer to create my own line,” says Lauren.

Is body-diversity and inclusivity important to you?

“Absolutely.  We all come in different, beautiful shapes and sizes and it’s so important to embrace health and movement every day, no matter where we are at in our life.  Everyone can feel empowered by learning to get stronger, move better and be more active. The fashion industry has learned to expand so much over the years and now I regularly see beautiful women of all different cultures, ethnicities and body types in my line of work, I think it’s wonderful to see it represented more in mainstream media and move away from the cookie-cutter image,” Lauren tells us.

What are your health and wellness philosophies?

“I’m dedicated to my health and wellness, but not so strict that I deprive myself of anything.  I think it’s all about working it into your lifestyle on a daily basis so that choosing your health becomes second nature and not a chore.

I believe in moving every day – whether it be at the gym, in a yoga class, or even just taking a long walk.  It’s important to dedicate a little time for yourself to improve, sweat it out and get stronger.

Self-care is essential to me too – I listen to my body and schedule some down time to balance out the madness.  I love to cook, and I generally eat healthily 90% of the time, because I genuinely enjoy it!” Lauren says.

What does a day on a plate look like for you?
“It varies a bit, because I love a mix of different cultural influences in my food. I’d say about 80% of what I eat is plant-based. I might have a few slices of green apple with nut butter and a herbal tea before going to the gym and then after I work out breakfast is usually poached eggs with tomatoes and avocado on toast.

Lunch is usually a freshly made salad or leftovers from whatever meals I have cooked during the week for dinner (I have a completely inability to cook for one, so I cook for 4 and eat the rest throughout the week). I love making stir-fries, curries, oven-roasted fish and veggies, burrito bowls, poke bowls, fresh pasta sauces from scratch and the occasional omelettes for dinner when I don’t feel much like cooking,” Lauren tells us.

What is your favourite workout?

“I love to mix it up, as I get quite bored doing the same thing.  I’ll often write myself different weights workouts each session – as I’m a qualified personal trainer – or change it up with boxing, swimming, running, yoga, Pilates or barre classes.

My schedule can be quite varied in my line of work and no two days are the same, so I tend to train the whole body in each session rather than just having leg day, shoulders and back day etc. I ALWAYS make time to warm up properly at the beginning and stretch at the end – it helps keep away any injuries and improves my mobility as a whole,” says Lauren.