Have you ever asked yourself these questions… because I have!

  • Why does fitness always have to feel so ‘fitnessy’?
  • Why do you have to do serious math just to ‘eat clean’? (calories, grams, space between meals, c’mon!)
  • Why can’t workouts be a little (or a lot) more fun so I want to do them rather than feel like I have to?
  • Why does the gym feel so intimidating and awkward?
  • Is it possible not to take my workouts too seriously, to skip a day of training every now and then without guilt and still look and feel aammaazzinnggg!?!?

Yep, I was one of those girls. I’d always loved the way fitness felt but found it kind of hard to stay consistent enough with my training to really see the kind of long-term results I craved. Most of my friends were exactly the same. I knew there had to be a better way to help women attain their healthiest bodies and most energetic selves, so I became a personal trainer.

I had a vision to create a fitness program that kept women engaged and motivated, without necessarily having to commit to CrossFit-level workouts, spending countless hours in the weights room, or pounding the pavement (although all these things are great too, if they’re your thing). I wanted to put together a plan that helped keep busy women active and healthy, even if they didn’t have a whole lot of time to commit to moving their bodies. And I wanted to make them smile and have a bit of fun with their workouts along the way.

After a lot of long chats with girlfriends, I finally realised what was missing – it was the fun, the storytelling, the hook to get up and workout in the first place, along with an awesome community to keep you accountable, motivated and excited about sessions.

I mean, completing a ‘metabolic circuit’ feels like work but rocking a ‘Beyonce’s Booty” workout, taking on ‘Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle’, or showing up for ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s Tabata’ is a bit more interesting, am I right?

When it comes to nutrition, the right education delivered in digestible chunks was the missing link. Having the right knowledge around food empowers you and means you no longer have to think about calories or food plans, because you have the right strategies and are no longer overwhelmed. You understand what it is your body needs, and how it feels when you choose the right foods for your body type and activity levels.

I’ve spent the last five years coaching girls from every walk of life to experiment with the most effective ways to get them next level fit and healthy, and loving it. I’ve found an amazing team of strong, confident female trainers who share my vision and the result is the BUF Girls!

We are all about fun, themed, do anywhere workouts that make you smile, education that will transform the way you think about food and fitness forever, delicious recipes that make eating healthy super easy, without needing an iron discipline and most of all, serious community, ultimate acceptance and maximum girl power!

BUF Body is our 6-week foundation fitness program, designed to change your perspective on fitness for good.

Partnering with Women’s Fitness to grow the WFxBUF Girl community means we’re able to support an even bigger group of awesome women to get next level fit and healthy, creating an energetic fitness movement around Australia and the globe.

Join us on a 6-week journey that will leave you feeling healthy, lean, re-energised and connected. If you’re keen to get started, register here.

See you online 😉

Libby – Women’s Fitness Resident PT